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The Japanese Pagoda

Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the building or the Manufacturer. Looking at the cover of the book does not help because the whole thing is in Japanese.

The first thing I noticed when I received the kit was the quality of the binding, all the other kits I've made have has the pages glued at the spine, this one was properly sewn like a high class book. The question is…why! It took me ages to undo the kit which included a heavy piece of card at the back. It has no purpose other than to keep the kit flat.

As mentioned above, the whole thing was printed in Japanese, but it had a nice bit on the history of the building, or so it seemed from the pictures!. I'm not sure if there were any written instructions, but the photographs gave me all the help I needed.

The first part was to make the interior, unfortunately, the taps for the walls are glued to the floor which rather spoils the effect, but once the model is complete the interior is only visible when the top roof is removed.

The parts are printed in a rather flat colour scheme and gives no idea of contours, although the roofs make up for this in a way. This was a straight forward kit to assemble and was a matter of following the number. The final model is about 18 inches by 12 inches and makes an unusual addition to my other buildings. It's not cheap and I guess will remain as the only kit of it's type that I'll make. Not because of the quality, but the overall appeal was not "me" if you know what I mean.

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