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The Internet is a dynamic place, sites are constantly appearing and disappearing. The links on this page will be constantly changing. If you have any problems connecting to any link or get a message that the link is no longer available, click on my name above and let me know. I will investigate and correct or remove the link giving you trouble.

Here is a link to the owners page of the Old Strathcona Model and Toy Museum which was the only museum in the world devoted exclusively to card modeling. Bob Bell Bob Bell's
Home Page
Ralph Currel has design some nice models including the V1 and V2. They are available for download from this page Ralph Currel Ralph Currell's Card Model Page
Michael's Home Page contains different types of modeling. Michael models in several different mediums besides card Michael Scalingi Michael Scalingi's
Home Page
Alan has a page dedicated to the 1999 Dayton Cardmodelers Convention. Has pictures of some of the members and some great pictures of completed models. Alan Frenkel Alan Frenkel's
Home Page
I debated if this page should go here or on the dealers page since Peter has a few models for sale on the page. I decided to put it here as there are some free downloads, great instructions and some wonderfull links on the page. Peter Visser Peter Visser's
Home Page
David's Papermodel page has HO scale aircraft and N Scale buildings available for download (via Tripod). David Jackson David Jackson's
Papermodel Page
Here is a page that has some free downloads including Pierre's Dewoitine which is a great model. Pierre Gauriat Pierre's Gauriat's
Cardmodel Page.
Home of the Annual Online Paper model Design Contest and the Harry Potter Paper Model Page. Also has Galleries showing Matt's Models in progress. Several models are available for downloading. Matthew Sparks Matt Sparks's Papermodel Page
There are some photos and some free models to download (model chairs and some geometric shapes)on David's page. David Hathaway David Hathaway's Home Page
Waynes collection of completed models can be found here. Lots of different types of models very well done. Wayne White Wayne White's Card Model Page
A page dedicated to the International Space Station. Free Paper models that includes also the Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-88 mission. Dr. Raimondo Fortezza Paper ISS Model
This page shows the many different types of card models that Thomas has designed for several different companies over the years. Thomas Pleiner Thomas Pleiner's Card Model Page
A German web site that is dedicated to paper/card ship models. The site is in German but does contain a downloadable calendar and some good pictures of models.

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