Mike Krol's Camera Trick

To all of you guys jealous of those few fortunate ones using digital cameras to show off their models I have a good news. You don't need it. Just recently I bought QuickVideo Transport from www.alaris.com and it works beautifully. The catch is that you need to have a camcorder (any kind) and a tripod. This small attachment to your PC allows you to use your camcorder, for me 8mm Sony, as a digital camera to capture stills or live video. I tried it on the remains of my Shinden and it works great. I didn't use any special setup or lightning arrangements and didn't try to enhance picture or change settings. I think that this is the poorest quality I can get out of this. Camera was sitting on the desk (couldn't find a tripod after the move) approximately 6" from the model. Judge for yourself.

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