IPMS Meeting in Northrop California February 2001

Pictures taken by Peter Crow

David and Jim looking at what each has brought----David and very intrested IPMS members

David and Jim Talking shop--------Davids award winning trout

Guillotine and trout------Jim Nunn converting two IPMS members

Jim Nunn showing PMI catalog------Peter Crow, Jim Nunn and David Okamura

1/144 scale planes and vehicles-----Prudenziati Macchi reduced to 1/144 scale

Fiddlers Green Me 262 reduced to 1/144 scale----Humvee from a Korean website reduced to 1/144 scale

Prudenziati VW Kubelwagen reduced to 1/144 scale-----Rainbow Trout from a Japanese fly-fishing site

Digital Navy V-108 torpendo boat reduced to 1/400 scale half framed model--Paper Shipwright HMVS Cerberus in 1/250 scale

Digital Navy Admirable-class minesweepers in 1/250, 1/400, 1/700 and 1/1200 scales--1/96 Chesapeake Bay Skipjack "test model" designed by David T. Okamura

Digital Navy HMS Dreadnought in 1/700 scale-------Battletech "Madcat" mech from a Japanese website

Engine from Halinsk Tiger I by Jim Nunn----Tiger I engine compartment showing wheel axis by Jim Nunn

David T. Okamura and HMVS Cerberus model

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