Here are some free downloads. Files are in different formats.

Aircraft from Thomas Pleiner
East German Civil Airliner This is only a partial model, the complete model is published by CFM.

Ship parts from Thomas Pleiner
FLAK weapons of Prinz Eugen.
Twin-turret (2x20,5 cm) of the Prinz Eugen.

Radio from Thomas Pleiner
A vacum tube from Thomas Pleiner

Joe Cangero's Model of the World Trade Center.
World Trade Center Layout Sheet PDF File.
World Trade Center Sheet One PDF File.
World Trade Center Sheet Two PDF File.

Here are a series of locomotives and cars from Ray Morris. Two CD's are available with more models. Address is located at the bottom of the page.
Ray Morris's Locomotives

Don Kenske's Christmas present for you. A snowflake for you to cut and build and then put on your tree.
The snowflake

Here are some great models that have been created by Ralph Currell. Ralph has done a series of really outstanding models that he is making available to the Card Modeling community for free. For further information on these models and updates refer to his web page at All files are in PDF format.
Parts for the Link Trainer
Instructions for assembling the Link Trainer
Parts for the British Airship the R100
Instructions for assembling the R100

Here is a model of the SR-71 that is posted for SR-71 Days to be held at Pima Air and Space Museum on the 15 and 16 of February 2002.
SR-71 model for Pima Air and Space Museum

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