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In order to help in the development of Card/Paper modeling this site is providing space for Card/Paper model dealers and designers to display their works. This is provided with no guarantees or endorsements for any company or persons. This Web Site is not in any way associated with any of the dealers or designers nor does it profit in anyway from these pages. This site can not guarantee either the prices or the availability of listed models. Please check with the dealer or designer on both of these before ordering. If you have any problems please contact the dealer or designer directly. If you continue to have problems than please let me know as the pages are put up in good faith and if that faith is broken I will remove the page.

Emil Zarkov This page contains pictures of Emil's latest models.

Moshe Lemers This page contains views of the ModelArt F-15.

Fiddlers Green Links to the complete line of models developed by Chip Fyn at Fiddlers Green. You will find several free downloads on this page.

Emil Zarkov's 1/32 Ju 88

Emil Zarkov's F5U Model will be available from PMI.

Emil Zarkov's Bulgarian Corvette the Bodri

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