Walled Castle with Turrets
Produced by Design Associates
Designer Clark Britton

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Walled Castle with Turrets is the third in a series of designs devoted to developing three dimensional architectural replicas that will fold flat for storage. The building process is based on oragamic folding techniques (scoring with mountain and valley folds) and slotted construction.

The completed model is approximately 3" X 3" X 4". The model kit contains ten pieces on three printed sheets of 90# cardstock along with two pages of diagrams for assembly. Trimming the individual pieces requires accuracy of cutting and scoring to achieve a close fit which allows the structure to collapse. The instructional diagrams provide a step by step guide to the folding and interlocking of the various pieces. The assembled model consists of a central KEEP with interlocking GABLE roof surrounded by a WALL with BARBICAN gate and PORTCULLIS. There are four Turrets that penetrate the surrounding CRENELLATED walls.

The model kit is available from Design Associates for $3.50 plus $1.50 shipping domestic and $2.50 overseas by U.S. Post Office snail mail. Request model by e-mail, cbritjr@swbell.net or post to 8307 Peach Tree Lane, Wichita, Kansas 67207-1145, U.S.A.

Review by Clark Britton

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