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Card modeling is the art of building scale models of aircraft, buildings, ships and many other real life objects. If you have never tried Card modeling and you like to work with your hands you will really enjoy this hobby. Once you have tried this you will be amazed at the quality of the models, they are just as good if not better than most of the plastic or wood models on the market today. All you need to build models is a good pair of scissors, poster paper for backing and some white glue such as Elmers. I build ships and aircraft but the range of models available is amazing. Castles, trains, birds, automobiles, balloons and much more. Below I have listed links to sites that will provide information for you and some places to buy the models if you are interested.

Latest issue of the Card Modeling Magazine This issue contains listing of new card modeling releases, reviews of new and re-released models. Construction and photo reviews of many different types of card models.

Card model display at the EAA museum. Here is a series of pictures of the card model display cases that David Sakrison set up at the museum,

Translation page
This page contains translations of common terms used in card modeling as well as translations of specific models.

Cardstock Comparison Guide: Here is a chart comparing weights of cardstock in pounds and grams per square inch sent in by Bill Geoghegan.

Biography page: This page contains biography and photos of subscribers to the Cardmodelers mailing list. If you are a member of the mailing list and would like to have your bio and photo posted send the bio and picture to rather than post it to the list.

Frank-Michael Goldman's Tips and Trick page.
A page with tips and tricks to use in building your card models by an experienced card modeler.

Here are some pages that have photos of completed models and unbuilt kits that are in my collection. The unbuilt models are shown by manufactures;
Completed 1/33 Models
Completed 1/72 models
02/08/06 Completed 1/48 Models P-Model F/A-18C, P-Model F-16
GPM Models
Fly Models
Other Card Model Companies
Modelcard/Modelik Models
Wllhelmshavener Models
Maly Modelarz
Hobby Model

Review page: This page contains reviews and pictures of completed models with construction experiences and tips from the model builder.

Cardmodelers mailing list.
This is the mailing list that is associated with this Web Site. The above link will take you to a web site where you can subscribe or unsubscribe from this list. You will have several options on this page, including getting the digest version, which will allow you to set your account up as you see fit. This list has no limit on its size and your subscription will be immediately accepted.

Steve Brown's FAQ: I wish I had know about this FAQ a long time ago. I am still going through the resources that Steve has put in this FAQ. This has everything you want to know about how to build paper/card models, where to but them and reviews of different models. I am sure that I will be going back to this site many times to keep up.

Free down load page:
This page contains free card model down loads.

Dealers pages: Here are a group of pages with information submitted by Card/Paper model dealers and designers. This service is offered to any dealer or designer who would like to advertise their new models or any specials they might have. Check these pages to see what is new and if there are any bargains you can pick up.

Commercial Links, some contain free down loads:
This page has a listing of commercial pages where you may purchase models from Listed are companies from all over the world. I have listed the experiences I have had when purchasing models from some of them.

Personal Page Links, some contain free down loads:
This page contains links to personal home pages of card modelers from all over the world. Some of the pages contain models that you can download, printout and build.

The Universal Currency Converter UCC Since a lot of you will be ordering from overseas, here is a currency converter that will change the amount of your order from the currency of your country to the one you are ordering from. This really helps me in figuring out how much the order will be.

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